Atmosphere Atmosphere: The present day composition of atmosphere is the product of a lengthy evolutionary process that began more than four billion years ago. It is composed of many different gases and suspended particles. As you can see from the table there are about 12 gases in the atmosphere. However, most of them are present […]


Temperature Temperature is a major physical environment factor which profoundly influences the vital activities of living organisms like, metabolism, growth and reproduction. The primary effect of temperature is on the stability and activities of enzymes which carry out and regulate the biochemical reactions in the cells. Temperature also affects the properties of  biomembranes.   We […]

Environmental Component


Environmental Component Environmental Component: All of us know that the sun is the intimate source of energy for all activities in our biosphere. The electromagnetic from the sun supply energy which warms up the earth and the atmosphere to provide a favorable global temperature for the living organisms. Light In addition, light plays a variety of […]

Importance of Biosphere


Importance of Biosphere Importance of Biosphere:  What is Biosphere? Biosphere is that part of the earth where life can exist. It is a narrow layer around the surface of the earth. If you visualize the earth to be the size of an apple the biosphere would be as thick as its skin. Biosphere Facts As […]

Ecosystem : Types of Ecosystem & Components

type of ecosystem

Ecosystem : Types of Ecosystem & Components Types of Ecosystem: Here we are discussing about the definition of Ecosystem and its components as well as the various type of ecosystem.  What is Ecosystem? Definition:  Plants, animals human beings live in association with a wide variety of other plants and animals. These communities of organisms are […]