Money making ideas : Top 5 ways to make money online

Money making ideas : Top 5 ways to make money online

Money making ideas : top 5 ways to make money online: finds the best ideas to make  money fast. Learn how to make money fast.

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Money making ideas : Top 5 ways to make money online

At present anyone want money more and more. But how? 

Generally every body see dreams about money day or night. But very few people know the right and proper smart ways to earn money quickly. So they will be successful.

Generally a person can earn money in two ways. Those are ———————

(a) Active Income

(b) Passive Income

Now let us know about two factors.

What is Active Income?

When people earn money through their active work, that’s means they earn money according to their labour, is called Active Income.

In this type of income a man/women earn limited amount of money according to their work doing actively.

If i say in more clearly——————

When one person work he/she pay for that. If he/she does not work then he/she does not get money.

Maximum people follow this method or do this type of work.

What is Passive Income?

This is a smart way to generate huge money without heavy labor compare to Active Work. Here smart people involve their brain to generate money in their free time.

If i say clearly ————

It is way where a person can earn money at their bed time, in holiday or at the time of playing game etc. This is the smart way. 

When one man sleeping in bed, his money or bank balances are increasing. 🙂  🙂 

Every successful or rich people follow this ways. 

Now i discuss elaborately about the various way of passive income————-

Their are many ways but I will discuss about top 5 ways to Earn Money Fast. 

Money making ideas : Top 5 ways to make money online

Money making ideas : Top 5 ways to make money online

(1) Write a Blog: If any one create a website and he write posts or articles which are informative or helpful to other then a lots of traffic come to his website to search a particular information. 

Then he can monetize his website through Google Adsent,, or other Advertisement agencies. 

Simple they run advertisements in his website and for that reasons they will pay.

He write posts one time and earn lifetime even when he is travelling or sleeping.

(2) Affiliated Marketing: This is another smart way to earn money fast. In this case one just refers products of any brands by sowing advertisement in their website.

And when the product will sell through their website, this brand will pay as a commission to him. 

Just he put advertisement in their post, and when people click in their advertisement and purchase this particular product automatically transfer money to his account.

Money making ideas : top 5 ways to make money online:

(3) Youtube Channel:  In that way, a person have to create a youtube channel. Then he will upload videos about various informative things or lessons. 

When people will see their videos, they will see advertisement on his video run by Youtube. And he will get money for that.

Again he upload his videos one time and will get money lifetime even during his rest.

Money online

(4) Drop Shipping: This is a ultra modern E-commerce business. In this case a man have to build up a website of E-commerce. Then he displays various products of other E-commerce companies. 

When people place order, then automatically this order will go to those E-commerce companies via his E-commerce. 

They will ship the order and he earn profit.

Suppose one item’s price is =200/-

He sell it through his website = 400/-

Then he earn (400-200)=200/- without doing any physical work. He just refers the product through his website.

Money making ideas : top 5 ways to make money online:

(5) Built up E-commerce website: Just built up a website of E-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal and make money by selling product through online.

In future the growth of E-Commerce industry will be very high. To start it just need one website, and 2 workers. One worker will pack product. And another worker bring product from market.

Profit margin is very high as you can set the price of the particular product.

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